News from the F8 Conference 2017 about Facebook Messenger

News from the F8 Conference about Facebook Messenger

News and new features in Messenger

Earlier this week, Facebook released Messenger 2.0 at the F8 conference in San Jose, Ca. The platform has really matured since it’s release in April last year. More than 1.2 Billion people are sending more than 2 Billion messages pr months. Wow, my dear marketers, that is quite an audience. 

As I have written earlier Facebook has shown some concern that the Chatbots has not really delivered after the program has failed to fulfill 70% of user’s requests. Well, any uncertainty that David Marcus, Facebook’s Head of Messenger has shown or expressed earlier was gone. A confident and proud Head of Messenger presented quite a lot of new useful functionality, as well as different successful new use cases with different purposes, such as:

  • Financial Services

  • Customer Service

  • E-commerce

  • Branding / Awareness

  • Customer acquisition

I was surprised that Customer Services yet again was a case, after quite a lot of failed Chatbots in this field. However, look at Rogers, Globe and Hyatt and you will find some great new cases. Please, be aware though, these are large companies and their Messenger Backend solutions are quite advanced and requires quite a lot of deployment time. 

I lacked the content marketing case for Publisher, even though one could see the CNN Logo. Zummy Direct has successfully launched Information Bots to distribute personalized content and native advertisements for a bunch of Publishers and they get great KPIs, which tells us their readers are happy. 

The new use cases that were presented made me confident that we at Zummy will succeed in helping clients in our new verticals, such as:

  • retail

  • travel

  • hotel

  • cruise

  • conference

  • loyalty clubs / rewards programs

  • and a few others.

So, what were the news in Messenger? I will highlight them below and for any in the audience that is more tech-savvy I recommend you to go to and find out more. 

New features in Messenger

  • Discovery: a part of Messenger where you can find bots

  • Parametric codes: a new improved version of the bar code scan functionality

  • Chat extensions: let you add bots and other services, such as Spotify

  • Smart replies: a module for small business with automated answer functionality

  • M suggestions: recommendation module, such as setting plans or sharing your location

  • Game module: with real time gaming

  • Different new set of developers tools, such as new ID matching protocol and Open Graph Protocol

Messenger has grown up and I am proud that we at Zummy are one of the experienced old timers in this new technology.