Increase conversion rates with Bots, part 2

Increase conversion rates with Bots

Collapse the sales funnel and improve your conversion rates - an example

In my blog post, Increase conversion rates with Bots, part 1, I wrote about how you could collapse the sales funnel and greatly improve your conversion rates, by using Bots in a smart way. This article will be more specific and will give an example on how you can combine a Facebook Ad and a Chatbot in finding qualified nearby leads and encourage in-person visits. 

Chatbots are artificial intelligence powered applications designed to mimic conversations with real people with the aim of providing more personalized service, typically on mobile devices. My example will be a car dealer and we will combine the tools from Facebook Customer Audience and a Chatbot powered by the Zummy AI Insight Engine. 

Firstly, we will use the Facebook Customer Audience tool to segment into auto enthusiasts in a geographic area where the car company has dealerships. To find out whom of the segment that are interested in a new car, newsfeeds with advertisement around cars, will be sent. When a potential customer clicks on the ad, our Chatbot will be opened and the AI powered Bot will start a dialogue with the potential customer. 

The Chatbot asks a series of questions aimed at guiding the customer toward the most appropriate call of action, such as scheduling a testdrive or make an appointment with a dealer. Furthermore if the customer wants to, financial and car insurance matters, may also be prepared and bargained for in order to make a smooth and effective buying process, once the customer comes to the dealer. 

Basically we are assisting and helping the car dealer in prequalification and a constructive AI powered conversation, so that when the customer comes to the car dealer, they are confident and comfortable in engaging and talking about a specific car. 

The AI powered Chatbot may also be combined with our Information Bots for Messenger newsletters, thus combining two strong Bot concepts.