Will the return of QR code in Facebook drive more consumer actions?

QR code Messenger

Proving the return on investment of your social media efforts has long been a key challenge for social marketers, and one which, gradually, as social becomes a more prominent part of business, the platforms themselves are working to better facilitate. 

It seems like there will be a resurgence in 2D bar code / QR code marketing again. Several years ago this phenomena had a surge and then seemed to die off, possibly because not enough consumers were familiar with being able to point their phones at a graphic to activate an online experience. Furthermore in most cases one needed a dedicated QR scanner app. Snapchat and Pokemon Go have made users more comfortable in ways they can use their phone ‘s camera to engage with the real world. Many vendors will follow, the latest is that Spotify rolls out scannable bar codes to boost music sharing.

In the F8 conference earlier this year, Facebook announced that there is enhanced support for QR code capabilities in Messenger. This is very true and QR scanning is integrated in the latest version of the Messenger camera. Zummy Direct has integrated this capability in our solutions for Chatbots, Information bots and Actionable bots. There are many use cases for QR code in Facebook Messenger and we look forward to explore them together with our clients. Below are a few examples to tease your appetite:

  • QR code at an event, so that the Actionable bot can serve as an event app.

  • QR code when signing in at a hotel, so that the Actionable bot can serve as a hotel app.

  • QR code when coming to your supermarket, so that the Actionable bot can serve as a loyalty program app and you can redeem your bonus in the store.

  • QR code for signing up for newsletters via the Informationbot.

There are many more use cases and we are thrilled to be in the midst of the new era of messaging apps. Remember though, that a bot, regardless of its purpose needs to be easy to understand and use, focused on a specific problem area or a business process.

Next, logical step in the evolution of messaging apps is better Geo location capabilities. Both we at Zummy Direct and Facebook are currently working on this. With geolocation tools to help map consumer behaviours, all of which are adding to the bigger picture view and capacity to drive user response plus the more insight this gives, the better the personalization result will be. And the more relevant the network becomes as an all-encompassing personalization connector.

Facebook has also released the usage of QR codes in the Facebook App. It is called Facebook Rewards and is currently in beta in the US. Facebook Rewards could really benefit users, merchants and the social network. People could earn free discounts just for being Facebook users. Merchants could lure people to their stores, earning a higher margin than the Rewards they give while fostering repeat customers and word-of-mouth promotion.

If Facebook can show definitive proof of the platform’s capacity to drive consumer actions, that could give them a lot more ammunition to reinforce why other brands should also be hooking into their social network tools, while access to more data points will also give them more ways to refine and improve their ad targeting, boosting effectiveness.

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